Skywatcher Polar Scope illuminator

Those who ever did their polar alignment using a polar scope, they probably struggled with a head lamp to illuminate the engraved big dipper.

I decided to 3D print a small permanent switchable red LEDs ring for my EQ5.

Using Tinkercad, I designed the housing that accommodates six 3mm LEDs, a standard servo connector (my whole setup uses those connectors) and a micro switch.

I made some tests and discovered that I could connect the LEDs in serial along with a small resistor to the 12V supply, saving me the hustles of parallel wiring. The voltage drop at each LED terminals is negligible.

Once printed, I secured the LEDs in place using hot glue, bending and soldering the pins.

This little buddy will spare me the pain of flashing a light in front of the polar scope while aligning the mount with celestial pole.